Introductions about Laser Effects Lens

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The amazing laser effects are more and more popular at parties, bars, KTV etc.. As is known to all, some device called laser light projector getting more and more popular within the recent years. But such device has a brief disadvantage: huge size. Based on that, laser effects lens is created. With which laser pointer can be transformed into a "disco laser". Let's see a series of typical pictures of laser effects by lens.

green laser pointer starry 5000mw patterns

green 5000mw laser pointer starry patterns

The above effects are made from the ordinary laser effects lens. There are plenty of laser pointers kit with such laser effects lens. Here are some recommendations.

green laser pointer starry patterns

This 8 in 1 laser lens are the most popular laser effects lens at 2017 first half year laser pointer market. Create cool and simple laser effects with your laser pointer. Part of lasers come supplied with free laser efeects lens for a limited time. Don't hesitate, come and order now!

405nm blue violet laser pointer also gets the name of violet laser pointer. The first clarify should be that blue violet laser is not an argon laser, majority people have been misled blue violet laser is the same as a decade ago argon laser. However, in fact, blue violet laser and argon laser are completely different laser tech. 405nm blue violet laser is the used of the latest laser diode, solid-state type of violet laser. It gets low energy consumption, long and stable serving lifetime. Blue violet laser is not expired laser tech, but is the latest technology.

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