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Shopping Guide on Green Laser Pointers

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Green laser pointers have been always the brightest laser among laser pointers. Based on that, people tend to use them for stargazing at night. Green laser beam can be seen much greater distances than other laser beams. A bright green beam is absolutely an excellent tool for astronomy. However, there are too many kinds of green laser pointers at market, it becomes more and more important on how to choose a suitable green laser pointer with different of uses. Now, let me show you some key points on that!

By Wavelength

relationship between color and laser wavelength

From the above picture, green laser beam own wavelength between 500nm-550nm. The common green lasers are 520nm and 532nm. 520nm laser beam is much brighter than 532nm. Here is one of our 520nm laser pointer.

laser pointer 520nm

As we all know, 532nm laser pointers is much common and cheaper than 520nm lasers. One of the famous laser seires is "laser 303". It is famous for its safe and stable performance.

Laser pointers are divided into four classes: class1, class2, class3(3a,3b), class4. Green laser pointers with an output lower than 5mw are always used for presentation, while the high power green lasers may used for burning. Let's mainly talk about the high powered lasers. Laser pointers over 100mw can be served as burning laser pointer which can light matches,cigarettes, pop balloons easily. They are really a great tool at oudoor adventures. Not only for burning, stargazing, but also for SOS.

Laser Flashlight Green 532nm Laser 303

Other Factors

You can also get your favorite green laser by some other factors, such as prices, applications, safety features and so on. But the most important thing you should know is never shine a laser beam at any vehicles or eyes. If you've got a high power green laser, don't forget to wear your laser goggles before using it.The first laser pointers were only available in the color red, but as technology improved and manufacturers were able to safely recreate other wavelengths in laser pointers, more colors became available. Each different colored laser pointer is most appropriate for different uses.

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