Shopping Guide on Red Laser Pointers

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Red laser pointers are far more cheaper than any other lasers since the laser diodes are more simple and mature. This kind of laser were created far more earlier than other lasers. Red laser pointers mainly cover two wavelengths: 650nm & 635nm. Before we talk about how to choose a red laser pointer, I'd like to share some differences between 650nm laser and 635nm laser.

Differences between 650nm and 635nm

Professional red laser pointers are usually equipped with 635nm laser diodes. These have a very good visible red color and can be proper collimated to good beam shapes. 650nm laser diodes emit red laser beam that is somewhat deeper. This kind of laser diode has a very good price-performance-ratio.

How to choose a red laser pointer

Now, let's talk some business. Red laser pointers are not so bright as green lasers, but they are cheaper and own a very good price-performance-ratio. If you want get a red laser, just think abou the following things.


Laser pointers are not toys, they may hurt people or animals when used incorrectly. If you want a high power red laser, the safety feature is the first thing you should consider. Whether this laser comes with safety goggles or not. Does this laser has a built-in lock? Is the battery is so reliable for harsh environment? All above questions should be pay attention to before getting a laser.

Focus Adjustable

People tend to get a red laser pointer with adjustable focus. Those who choose adjustable lasers may use them for different applications. But they ignore one important truth: focus adjustable laser pointers are not so powerful as the fixed focus lasers even own the same power. It is not necessary for us to talk about which one is better, since the two kinds of lasers have there own fields they are good at.


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