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Very suitable laser pointer

The Class 4 green laser pointer is very suitable for use as a burning tool. Compared with the green or red laser pointer, the blue laser beam is darker but more powerful and can burn objects. The laser diode is the main part, but it is not always cheap and sometimes not easy to buy most of the parts and assembly. DIY is only recommended when you want to make special or extremely high-power laser equipment. Another very popular reason is easy to get, you can find it in most online stores or local stores. Laser saber. This is why many people buy laser pointers for fun. The laser pointer with a special glass tube makes it look like a real laser sword. Although it is not powerful enough to cut something, it is still very attractive.



The 5mw laser pointer with powerful 18650 battery also has excellent performance. It can shoot 5 miles or more at night, when you want to point to distant objects, or just for fun, it’s great, it’s a very good price and a cool gadget experience. Lighting at night. The laser pointer with adjustable filter will diversify the high powered laser beam and create a beautiful light pattern that feels like a club or bar and inspires your nightlife. Self-defense. When you shoot at humans or animals, the high-power laser pointer is very dangerous, it will burn your skin or make your eyes blind for a long enough time. Therefore, like a knife or gun, a powerful laser pointer is sufficient for self-defense.

2021-12-22 12:20:57

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