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How do the laser pointer and the rope work together?

How do you keep your cat entertained? After all, it is different from canines. You can't use a cat to catch or fetch things-or can you? In order for your cat to be fascinated and curious about playing with you, you need to have a difficult and constantly changing atmosphere. Now, before you reach the end, it is not as poor as you think. All you really need to do is take out some cat toys at a time and rotate them to keep your cat’s interest. It is not necessarily an expensive toy. Rope, paper, balls and containers are great cat toys. The focusable environmentally friendly laser pointer provides the best opportunity to provide a wonderful presentation to any number of people. When does it need to warm up? The green laser pointer crystal is composed of yttrium vanadate crystal (YVO4), in which the yttrium vanadate crystal is very sensitive to temperature, and the stable working temperature is 20°-30°, and the yttrium vanadate crystal excitation working temperature is 20°. When the outside temperature is lower than 20°, the yttrium vanadate crystal will be difficult to start. The lower the ambient temperature, the longer the startup time of the laser pointer.



The green laser pointer is composed of a 808nm laser diode and a crystal, the operating temperature is 25°, and the laser diode wavelength is 808nm±2nm. When the operating temperature rises by 25°, the wavelength of the laser diode will become shorter, so the laser power will decrease as the wavelength changes. The longer the high powered laser pointer works, the higher the temperature, and the power will attenuate. There are countless reports criticizing the harm of high-power laser pointers to the human body. I insist that anything that can burn is at the same level of danger. Ordinary lighters or knives are also harmful to the human body, but this does not mean that people should not use them. These tools, powerful power tools will bring greater danger, before using burning tools, the correct approach is the most important.

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