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Date Added: 2018-06-21 13:06:33

Product arrived on time and nicely packed. Instructions were in broken English, but easy enough to decipher. Minor trouble getting the computer to recognize the device due to my not following the order of installing things, but only took a few minutes to fix. Product is pretty amazing and as marketed. Neat little laser engraver, great product of the price.

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Date Added: 2018-03-07 01:02:21

I use this engraver to cut my logo into small round wooden disks that I embed into my projects. It does a great job. If my business does well I may eventually but a more powerful laser so that the wooden disks can be cut out at the same time. For now this engraver serves my purpose nicely.

Date Added: 2018-01-15 21:32:38

Very small, but does a great job of laser engraving!! Small objects work out great!! A blueprint to build a larger working laser engraver!!

Date Added: 2017-10-24 06:51:12

I bought this to engrave some plastic.. works great.

Date Added: 2017-08-26 17:23:35

I'm still getting use to this machine so far I've had zero problems. For small hobby projects it's been great. Out of the box on the first setup and use, I noticed two of the 6 buttons failed. I was able to remove the buttons and depress the buttons using a small swizzle stick. The software is compatible and is easy to use with Windows 7, I'm planning a test project using Windows XP... I think a more powerful laser would be nice. A laser strong enough to use on metal.

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Green Laser Pointers

In the visible spectrum, green lasers look brighter for the same power, which are widely used in people's lives, and also widely welcomed by everyone. So if you’re going for visibility, be sure to first and foremost consider green. Green laser pointers are a great tool for a wide range of applications and activities. HTPOW uses the finest materials and laser diodes - then adds guaranteed performance, innovative design, and unique functionality. The green laser pointer project a brilliant emerald green laser beam and dot. Enjoy the visible laser beam at night - bright green dot during daytime hours.

Blue Laser Pointers

A blue laser is a laser that emits electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 360 and 480 nanometres, which the human eye sees as blue or violet. The most important factor that determines the burning ability of a laser pointer is its output power. The color of the laser beam matters less. A blue laser pointer requires a minimum of 200mW output power to generate enough intensity to burn things such as matches, firecrackers, balloons, cigarettes and more. When buying your laser pointer, keep in mind that the higher the power, the more easily and faster the laser pen can burn things. If you’re going for visibility and burning, consider blue.

Red Laser Pointers

The red laser pointer is the wonderful gift. The red light adopts the latest technology optics and microelectronics and becomes some of the most popular high-tech gadgets to hit any global market. Red's wavelength has been an important factor in lasers technologies. While red lasers are the most commonly used in homes, blue and green laser pointers are increasingly growing in popularity. In recent days, many animal lovers have come to consult with red laser and can play with cats. Cats like laser pointers because they have the instinct to chase and catch. For cats, the laser beam mimics animal activity in the wild.


The use of laser pointers has become widespread. The laser pens are useful tools for educators in the classroom and at conventions and meetings. Lasers can be used for different purposes for industrial, medical, physical research and other possible uses. Today, there are literally loads of different high power hand held laser options to choose from. If you are looking for a high power laser, HTPOW will be your best choice. All lasers are the best quality, the most competitive price. We guarantee all laser pointers products are free shipping, 30-days return policy, 1-year warranty period.

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